We believe in providing long term value to our clients. Our flagship product, DM Recruit is designed to give organizations a strong recruitment system that can track, measure and streamline the stages of recruitment process efficiently. This recruitment system is a must have for organizations to leverage the latest talent sourcing strategies in a user friendly platform.

Recruitment Systems/ATS’s are no longer a luxury – they are an integral part of company’s success.

Here are few reasons why all recruiters and hiring managers need to consider utilizing Recruitment System:

·         Acts as a data warehouse – For every job posted by a recruiter through the system, there are multiple resumes and applications received. Keeping track and maintaining this vast data of relevant or future prospective candidates manually can be a horrendous challenge and that’s where recruitment system comes in picture.

·         Facilitates collaboration and communication – An efficient recruitment process includes the proper communication internally and with the candidates externally. The recruitment software facilitates the collaboration between recruitment team and proper flow and track of communication happening externally with the candidates.

·         Enhances the candidate experience – It is only through a good recruitment software that a company can ensure creating a positive user experience for the candidates while filling the form on the website. It is very important to create the form that is logical and easy to fill for the candidates so that they don’t give up half way and similarly, the system also streamlines the further application process, cutting down on administrative tasks and repetitive information.

·         Powerful searches – With the increasing usage of social media and job boards tools, the volume of applicants have grown tremendously. A strong recruitment system is needed that can accurately parse resume’s keywords to filter the top candidates. This leads to saving lot of time, conducting powerful searches and also, is easy to understand for the team to quickly take actions.

·         Compatible with website – An efficient recruitment system always fits into the career website of the company ensuring the employer design and requirement guidelines are met and providing seamless experience to candidates.