Why ServiceDott

We Deliver With Our Passion and Pride


Connecting the dots in recruitment practices making it more productive and more pleasant for every size company


To design, build and deploy state-of-art technology recruitment solution accommodating change in recruitment practices across multiple industries and culture

Our Company

Experts delivering cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System

ServiceDott Pte Ltd is a company with over 15 years of experience, founded by experienced professionals in the recruitment industry. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to organizations, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their talent acquisition processes. ServiceDott is widely recognized for its expertise in automating the various recruitment and hiring tasks. Our cloud-based ATS software is used  by hundreds of companies and thousands of recruiters to streamline the placement and hiring process, reducing their workload significantly.

Over time, our leading product, DM Recruit, has secured a significant  extensive collaboration with both large and small organizations has allowed us to share numerous best practices with various recruitment teams, assisting them in the selection and development of the right talent

In 2020, 2017, and 2016, DM Recruit received recognition as the top-rated Applicant Tracking System by Human Resource Online. Watch the video. 

ServiceDott’s client also received the People-Centred Award in 2023, Silver Standard for “Talent Attraction and Acquisition” at the “16th Singapore HR Award,” presented by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI). Additionally, they were honoured with the Bronze Award for the “Employee Experience Award 2023” for their outstanding use of recruitment technology tools, as acknowledged by Human Resource Online.

Our Founders

More than 20 years spearheading business development and technology innovation

Our Founders come from the Recruitment industry where they have spent more than 20 years spearheading business development and technology innovation. Their extensive experience and knowledge across Recruitment Best Practices, Market trends, Consultant behavior and Candidate management have been instrumental in shaping our product. As a result, DM Recruit incorporates many of the features and functions desired by HR and recruitment companies in their quest for talent acquisition.

Our Team

Passionate and Committed

Our team members are driven by a strong passion and unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional value to our valued customers. They consistently go above and beyond, leveraging their expertise and dedication to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team is always proactive, continuously brainstorming innovative solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that we not only meet but also surpass our clients’ expectations.