As an established and knowledgeable Recruitment Software Solutions provider, ServiceDott brings forth state of the art Recruitment & Candidate Management Systems to help companies address their Hiring and Talent acquisition needs.

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Customer Quotes

" I would like to express my utmost appreciation on behalf of Wisenet Asia to ServiceDott Pte Ltd for the services rendered to us in meeting our database management needs.

What distinguishes ServiceDott from other database management firm is that they seriously
adopt a close understanding of our database management needs. Their customer support team is efficient and patient and..."

- Wisenet Asia

" It gives me great pleasure to write this note of commendation to your company.

From the time I have dealt with your company and Mr Daniel Ong, you have always been prompt and helpful in your services, and are customer-oriented.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and Daniel for your excellent and outstanding customer service.

- Stanton Chase International, Singapore

" Without DM Recruit, we would be filtering resumes one by one from email which will be very time-consuming and wasting a lot of our resources which in turn resulting to low sales revenue especially when we are in such competitive industry."

- Renaissance Management Services

" Over the past 4 years, we continue to purchase new modules from ServiceDott as we grow bigger and needed extended solutions to consolidate our business process. ServiceDott was able to provide us the solution and expertise in advising us. Our business units has positive feedback year on year on DM Recruit and all new staff were delighted and positive in using the DM Recruit tools."

- 8Hunters International

" Today, ServiceDott's flagship product DM Recruit is a leading recruitment management software with many customers in Singapore. ServiceDott continues to innovate and improve on its software offerings to be relevant to the industry it serves. I find ServiceDott to be very helpful and sincere in wanting to help their customers. I will continue to support them all the coming years ahead."

- IT Works

" I have been approached by many recruitment software companies; ServiceDott stands out because they understand that there are differences in recruitment process for different companies. They differentiate themselves from a "one size fit all" solutions; and value adds by ensuring their solution will enhance the uniqueness of your existing process. Simply put, DMRecruit is lean, mean and ef..."

- Humanics

" DM Recruit serves our purpose and exactly what we were looking out for. It is user friendly has good features and reasonably priced. The system has helped us re-look at our overall process and centralize our candidates? documents in one area. We are now more efficient and organized. Also, we are always given prompt and efficient support and attention by their staff whenever we needed help."

- HRM3

" DM Recruit is easy to search and managing resume received from difference channels. It has boost up our consultant productivity and efficiency by 50% to service our clients with quality resume and speed. It has also reduces our advertising cost by 30%. The investment has proves to be excellent value for money and time."

- EPS Computer
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Applicant Tracking System

DM Recruit™, innovative and powerful applicant tracking system that streamlines the entire recruiting process from job creation, advertisement and publishing to candidate resume capture, filtering, interviewing and hiring.

Career Portals

DM Recruit™ can provide you with the platform that you need to brand your recruitment efforts and create comprehensive career site portals quickly and easily, with no technical knowledge needed.

Content Searching

Built on Microsoft technology, DM Recruit™ offers the convenience to search for "keywords/phrases" from an attachment, eg: Resume. This provides users with the ability to quickly find terminology within the collected resumes without having to browse through them endlessly.

Microsoft Office Integration

With the ever increasing popularity of Microsoft Office, DM Recruit™ integrates seamlessly with Office products. Users can find recruitment functionality in Microsoft Outlook/Word to perform their tasks much more efficiently.

Administrative Tools

DM Recruit™ provides control on users, policy and system settings. All data look ups are managed in a centralized database without any dependency on IT staff.

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